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Giving You the Tools and Awareness

You are a Unique Human Being with your own history and experiences of life, your own way of dealing with things, your own way of relating to people, your own way of managing emotions, and your own beliefs about yourself, many of which you formed in early childhood. You have your own hopes and dreams and your own fears. We value that.

Our Training and Coaching has been designed from years of working with people suffering from work-related stress. We teach you how to stop stress and anxiety immediately, to recognise your own unique signs of vulnerability, worry, stress, anxiety and fear as they occur and manage them, to identify immediately when you have been triggered into a different psychological place, with different thought processes and behaviours, all of which can lead to more stress and anxiety if action isn't taken. And we do this through a simple but profound process called THE INNER MENTOR GUIDANCE SYSTEM.


And with the Psychological Health and Safety this brings, you are free to thrive without fear; of making a mistake, of what others think of you, whether you're good enough, fear of being humiliated, judged or criticised, and so many other fears which makes going to work a horrible experience, and with the tools we provide you with and the awareness you develop, you are free to thrive and to become your best self.

Many have said that the Conscious Competence Training and Coaching Programme is life changing and we believe that it is. This is why it is our mission to help you to change the workplace into much happier environments where Psychological Health and Safety is the norm, where a person can thrive and enjoy going to work. 


About You

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