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Hello, I am Sharon McKenna-Daniels and I am the Director of Conscious Competence. I am also a Trainer, Therapist, Coach and a Mother. ​I designed the Conscious Competence Training and Coaching Programme and a process called The Inner Mentor Guidance System from years of working with people suffering from work-related stress and anxiety.


When we lose our confidence, trust in ourselves and our self-belief it shakes us to the core and the feelings of worthlessness spirals us into that dark place of anxiety and depression and we often feel there is no way out. I wish I knew then what I know and teach now, because I was once one of those people and it is a very lonely place.

This is my 'Why'- why I am wholehearted and passionate about teaching you what I know and this programme, from my own personal experience and from working therapeutically with the many courageous, people who sought help and who's lives changed.

I hope that you find all the information you need here however you are always welcome to phone or email me so I can answer any of your questions. 

Wishing You Peace and Happiness in the workplace, because we all deserve it.

Sharon McKenna-Daniels

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