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Our Mission

The Conscious Competence Training, Coaching and Therapy Programme teaches you to think about yourself differently: Not from that old place, that of your history, your past experiences, which left their wound. Not from your old limiting beliefs about yourself, which you’ve carried from childhood, and which have held you back from being who you want to be, challenging your confidence, self- esteem and self-belief. Not from a place of fear, fearing what others think of you, or what they might do to you if you don’t protect yourself with your invisible armour of defences. No, this Training, Coaching and Therapy Programme teaches you to live differently, to exist differently in the workplace and in your lives, from a place of awareness which builds confidence and self-esteem, from a place of self-compassion, without criticism or judgment of yourself, which heals your past, and with a depth of self-awareness which grows as you observe your life and those around you through a different lens, which moves you closer to being all you can be. This is our Mission, this is our Passion, and this is our Promise. All You have to do is want it.

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