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bringing consciousness to the workplace

The Training, Coaching and Therapeutic Support we provide for Companies, SME's and to Individual People is based upon the teaching and practice of Conscious Competence's INNER MENTOR GUIDANCE SYSTEM, and the integration of principles and exercises from the following therapeutic approaches: Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychosynthesis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and the practice of Present Moment AwarenessSessions are held in person and remotely.

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"This training is a game changer allowing personal and professional development. You are providing a training course all should attend." L. C 



The Inner Mentor Guidance System a system for self-awareness, self-control and self-care

The Conscious-Competence Training Programme teaches a deeper level of self-awareness, enabling you to be more in charge of your thoughts and actions in a healthy, purposeful, life enhancing way. It provides you with an understanding of how we function psychologically when we feel vulnerable, stressed, worried, anxious or fearful, and it provides you with the tools to manage the thinking that can lead to serious work-related stress and anxiety. This Training is about the workplace but what you learn can enhance your life, because it changes how you relate to yourself and others and it addresses the beliefs which holds us back, many of which we are unconscious of.

Courses are held in-house or remotely, and range from half days to two full days. All training includes exercises, handouts and a summary of the presentation to reinforce the teaching. In addition to the the training, we also offer a monthly on-line 'question time', to answer any questions in putting the training into practice.


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"The Conscious Competence Coaching has been informative, thought provoking and enlightening. I feel better able to judge situations at work and realise why people act as they do." M.D.



The Conscious Competence Coaching Programme provides 10 sessions of one-to-one and group coaching, which is delivered on-line or face-to face. We base each session on our years of working with companies and private referral, in the area of work-related stress and anxiety, and in working with leaders to address the difficulties working together brings.


Our Coaching enables you to: 

  • Understand yourself, understand others, understand your environment, and the psychological dynamics operating within your team; that we all have a history, and bring our past, our beliefs about ourselves and about others  to the present and into the workplace.


  • Identify the signs that let you know you are psychologically functioning from a different place and therefore vulnerable to thinking, feeling and behaving from a place which intensifies worry, stress, anxiety and fear, and which brings difficulties for you in your workplace and in your personal life.


  • Recognise where another is psychologically functioning from, in how they relate to you, relate to their peers, how they relate to authority figures and how they function in the workplace. 


  • Manage yourself, manage others and manage your workplace.  This is achieved through 'The Inner Mentor Guidance System', a system for self-awareness, self-control and self-care. ​This system develops within you; 'The Observer'- for awareness, 'The Inner Mentor'- for self-care, and 'The Body, as an Early Warning Guidance System' providing you with the information to take action.


And if you are already suffering from work-related stress and anxiety, as so many hard working people are, we aim to get you back to work, feeling better and in control with a new awareness to prevent such a thing happening again, and with greater confidence, self-esteem and self-belief to reach the goals you wish for.

Our coaching and therapeutic Support includes many techniques to manage your signs and symptoms, because feeling calmer and more relaxed inhibits the release of stress hormones and helps us to feel better, and think and behave differently. These include: Relaxation and Breathing Exercises, N.L.P. Visualisation Techniques, the practice of Present Moment Awareness and meditation.

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