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"I want to send a huge thank you for the training over the last two Fridays. It has been informative, thought provoking and enlightening. I feel better able to judge situations at work and realise why people act as they do. In my home life aspects of the training made me see why I do things as I do at present and may be where things need to change.

This course is a game changer allowing personal and professional development. You are providing a training course all should attend.

Keep up the amazing work you do and it has been a joy to be with like minded individuals."

Rosedale Funeral Home, Norfolk and Suffolk

“I have just completed the “Managing Fear and anxiety in these changing times course” Sharon delivered the workshop with clarity and sensitivity. She fully engaged the whole group and got us all to work together and support each other. I learnt some great skills that I have already put into use. This will help me not only in my role at work but definitely within my private life. Thank you so much I am truly grateful.”   

Canterbury College, Kent

The Inner Mentor Guidance System training really changed my perspective. After a deeply distressing time at work, the course opened my eyes to the reasons behind my own feelings and the behaviour of others. The concept of The Observer and The Inner Mentor describes a deeper awareness of self that, through the strategies taught, can be put into practice not just in the workplace, but across all areas of life. 

Sharon clearly has a huge depth of knowledge and she explained complex topics, making them easy to understand and relatable to personal experience. Throughout the process, her kind and compassionate approach was enormously reassuring. She created a safe and secure environment where we felt comfortable to share our experiences within our small group, helping to build another layer of support for one another. Sharon made time for each of us; guiding us and listening to our individual circumstances and tailoring the course to meet our specific needs."

Teacher, London

"Covid -19 has brought new ways of working for many of us and with that, new challenges. The impacts of change in the workplace (and out of it) causes stress and can have a detrimental impact on colleague relationships, performance and mental wellbeing. Sharon teaches with compassion and clarity. This course helps make sense of what sits behind our reactions to difficult situations. Understanding the behaviour of others helps us to take the drama out of the situation and find a positive way forward. This course will be of particular benefit to team leaders, managers and anyone who would like to find a new approach."

Ellie S.
Teacher and Scientist: Cambridge

"I found the two-part course extremely interesting and it has already been very useful, especially in the workplace. It has made me step back and look at people's behaviour and reactions in a different way. This in turn has made me react differently. 

I would recommend this course to anyone as it helps you understand how to effectively manage and understand difficult workplace environments and how to potentially resolve tricky team relationships and situations." 

Service & Development Manager

"I recently participated in one of Sharon’s training courses and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sharon was professional and extremely informative. I am looking forward to taking the learnings and passing them on to others. Highly recommend."

V..H. Suffolk

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