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The Training: Services

Transformation through The Inner Mentor Guidance System

Here is our Training Programme. We are very pleased with what we have designed, and are delighted to teach you what we know, we hope you will gain a lot from it. All classes are kept to a maximum of 12 people so that you can each receive our full attention in learning and implementing what is taught. There are exercises, handouts, and a summary of the presentation to reinforce the teaching and there is the space to build friendships and have a laugh because, 'There is little success where there is little laughter.'

For Companies and SME's

We help Companies and SME's to build Psychological Health and Wellbeing in their workplace, create happier working environments and get the best out of their staff by raising awareness and providing the tools to stop the worry, fear, the negative thoughts, and the destructive behaviours which cause work-related stress and anxiety, and which prevents a person from being all they can be. 

For Individuals

We help You to become your best self by providing you with the tools and awareness to understand what you psychologically take to the workplace, identify and stop the negative thoughts, the limiting beliefs and destructive behaviours which affects your self-confidence and holds you back from being who you really are, and the tools to stop work-related stress in its tracks. 

(two days classroom/ three half days virtual)

Day One
WHO DO YOU TAKE TO WORK WITH YOU? Understanding Our Behaviours

  • The Fear Based Environment: Fact or Fear?

  • Psychological Health and Safety

  • The Workplace a New Experience?

  • The Spiral the Destructive Path to Incapacitation

  • Stress and The Mind, The Brain and The Body

  • When the Workplace becomes Psychologically Dangerous

  • Who Am I and Who are You?

  • The Trigger

  • What We Psychologically Take into the Workplace

  • The Child, Adolescent and Adult

  • Unhelpful/Negative Authority Figures

  • What We Tell Ourselves

  • The Worrier, The Storyteller and The Projector

  • Perfectionism: The Road to Failure

Day Two
TAKING BACK CONTROL: Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

  • The Inner Mentor Guidance System: Identifying, Understanding and Managing

  • A System of Self-Awareness, Self-Control and Self-Development

  • The Observer: Knowing Yourself and Seeing Others

  • The Inner Mentor: Self-Compassion, Self-Acceptance, Self-Support

  • The Body: The Early Warning Guidance System

  • Taking Back Control

  • Stopping Work-Related Stress in it's Tracks

  • Management: Care of Self and Care of Others 

  • An Environment to Thrive: Psychological Health and Safety

"The Training has helped me see people differently and understand myself differently. I would recommend it to anyone" PD
"The Training has helped me see people differently and understand myself differently. I would recommend it to anyone" PD
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(two days classroom/two half days virtual)

Are there difficult people in your team? Are there those who 'act out', who are challenging or disruptive who don't take responsibility and create difficulties for others? Do they affect morale and productivity? It may be an employee, or a peer, or it may be your senior manager of C.E.O. Are there people who take on too much work in trying to please, never say, 'No' and then get into difficulties and crash? As a leader and as an authority figure you will represent powerful figures from another's past and workplace represents different things to different people. Based upon the psychologies of Transactional Analysis, and the Conscious Competence Inner Mentor Guidance System, this training teaches you to understand the dynamics of those you work with and identify where a person is psychologically functioning from enabling you to manage a person, your team and your self differently. 

"I have learned some great skills that I have already put into use. This will help me not only in my role at work but definitely within my private life." DKT

"Understanding what I psychologically represent to my staff and what that triggers in both them and me, has answered so many questions. I look at everything very differently now. I wish I'd known this years ago." DC

Under The Bridge

Understanding Yourself as an Authority Figure
One day (classroom) or two half days (virtual)

As a person in a position of power you are the object of other's projections and a representation of the authority figures of their past, as those with power will be to you.  How do you communicate with others? What do you trigger in others? What do others trigger in you? Are you aware of how you think, feel and behave in your position of authority? These questions and more will be answered on this workshop.

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professional growth
(one day classroom/two half days virtual)

This workshop is for those who have already completed Conscious Competence's main training- Psychological Health and Wellbeing in the workplace and is to develop the Observer, the Inner Mentor and the Body as a Guidance System as a life tool. For those who have already completed Psychological Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace or Psychological Dynamics in the workplace.

We can also tailor our courses, workshops and talks to meet your particular needs and requirements

The Training 

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